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Project title: ikoprotecta

The modern needs of the agri-food sector have led to the proliferation of intensive agricultural holdings on a global and national scale. In terms of vegetable cultivation, in the context of their intensification and the need to maximize their yield, the use of synthetic fertilizers and plant protection products has increased rapidly in recent decades. However, given the issues that have surfaced since the abuse of the previous pesticides, there has been a significant downward trend in their uncontrolled use. Consumers seem to increasingly prefer organic products and those grown according to environmentally friendly agricultural practices. Therefore, it is an inescapable need to develop new organic plant protection products that will support organic crops and meet their nutritional and plant protection needs, efficiently and at a sustainable cost.

Composts are a natural and completely ecological medium that is widely known for their beneficial properties in the soil and plant nutrition, since their incorporation into the soil enriches it with organic matter and nutrients. Numerous studies also point to the fact that composts and their liquid extracts, in addition to meeting fertilization needs, can be an alternative to plant protection. However, although the basic mechanisms that make composts and their liquid extracts effective against phytopathogenic microorganisms are known, further research is needed to identify more of their properties and make them fully exploitable by organic producers - and not only - . For this reason, a consortium was created between Ikorganic and 2 university laboratories (Project of Phytopathology, GPA and Project of Analytical Chemistry-EKPA). The idea to carry out this study came from the observation of a strong plant protection effect of one of the products of Ikorganic against various diseases in tomato, potato and olive crops.

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