Caltivate is a revolutionary organic product derived from fruit and herbal extracts. It contains 17.6% Ca in chelated form (EDTA chelating agent) and a high percentage of organic matter that delivers a multilevel action. It is produced via Ikorganic innovative process and it is 100% assimilable by the plant.


Package: 250ml, 1lt, 5lt, 10lt

• Favors shoots and roots growth by promoting cell division and elongation
• Promotes cell tissues cohesiveness by affecting cells walls formation and cell membranes permeability
• Ensures satisfactory flowering and fruiting by increasing pollen germination
• Improves productions’ quantitative and qualitative characteristics

• Improves fruits post-harvest life
• Increases fruits resistance to fungal diseases
• Calcium is a difficult element in plants. Caltivate works immediately and effectively. If provided with repetitions and correct dosages, we achieve high quality crop yield. The agronomist determines number of repetitions.

Fruit trees (tomato, cucumber, pepper, eggplant), cucurbits (watermelon, melon, zucchini), Strawberry: Via foliar application : 150-250cc per 100 liters of water before flowering and repeated every 15 days after fruiting. Via hydro-lubrication with 150-250cc per 100 liters of water if pH correction is required
Leafy (lettuce, cabbage): Via Foliar application : 150-250cc in 100 liters of water 15 days after transplanting and repeat whenever required. Via Hydro-lubrication with 150-250cc per 100 liters of water if pH correction is required
Spinach, aromatic: Via foliar application: 150-250cc per 100 liters of water whenever required
Kiwi: After setting, via foliar application 3 repetitions every 15 days, 300cc in 100 liters of water

Tree crops: via foliar application 200-300cc per 100 liters from the small carp stage and repetitions according the agronomist
Vineyard: After flowering 200-300cc in 100 liters via foliar application, repeat 15 days later and 3rd application after 20 days, if required
Lawn: Apply as necessary, to improve field surface and to face wear due to use. Via foliar application with 100-150cc per 100 liters of water

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