Rootzilla is a dynamic innovative rooting product derived from extraction of bananas and algae askophyloom nodosum. It is generated through Ikorganic innovative process and it is 100% assimilable by the rhizosphere of the plants. The product contains in complete harmony amino acids, proteins, growth regulators, trace elements contained in plant extracts, fulvic and humic acids.


Package: 250ml, 1lt, 5lt, 10lt

• Improves seeds germination capacity
• Creates a rich and healthy root system
• Enriches rhizosphere with beneficial microorganisms to cope with the demanding growing conditions
• Immediate nutrients absorption

• Substantial treatment and rapid recovery of plants from transplanting stress resulting in rapid and successful adaptation of transplanted plants to the field
• Increasing plants growth rate
• Plants Robustness throughout cultivation

Immersion of seeds: 100cc solution in 100 liters of water for up to 15 min
Plant Nurseries: Via watering 1 liter per 1000 liters of water
Transplantation: 1-1.5 liters / acre, with watering immediately after transplanting
Tomato, pepper, eggplant, cucumber: First application during transplanting. Second application 1-1.5 liters / acre, via irrigation 10-15 days after transplanting
Watermelon, melon, zucchini: First application during transplanting. Secnd application 1-1.5 liters / acre via irrigation 10-15 days after transplanting
Leafy vegetables: First application during transplanting or at the appearance of the first true leaves

Root vegetables (beetroot, carrot, etc.), potato, onion, leek: First application via irrigation 10-15 days after sowing and second application within 1 month from the first
Rice, cotton: 1 -1.5 liters / acre, first application via irrigation 10-15 days from sowing to plants up to 20 cm in height and the second application within 1 month from the first
Tree crops: Rooted seedlings root immersion: 1 liter per 100 liters of water for 5 min before planting or after planting via hydro lubrication. For trees aged 1-3 years use 2 to 3 liters / acre during irrigation
Vineyard: Immersion of the cuttings before planting in a solution of 100cc in 100 liters of water for up to 15 minutes or after planting via hydro- lubrication 1 liter / acre.
Lawn: 1 liter / acre and 2 weeks after use, 400cc / acre.

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