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Vitamin Sea Humus

Vitamin Sea Humus is a soil conditioner derived from the natural aerobic decomposition of organic materials, mainly fish, via Aerated Static Pile (ASP) process. It is a non-phytotoxic product, perishable, biologically stable and with a high degree of humidification and therefore rich in humic compounds. In addition, it contains nutrients for plant growth and is suitable for all crops. It contains zeolite that reduces loss nutrients from reduction or extraction while increasing the ability to retain and distribute water in the soil.


Package: Solid 40lt., 40 pieces/pallet


• Increases use efficiency of chemical fertilizers
• Accelerates plant growth as it facilitates the intake of nutrients such as iron and phosphorus
• Protects plants from oxidative stress caused by adverse growing conditions by increasing the activity of antioxidant enzymes within plants and therefore their tolerance

• Promotes production of secondary metabolites within plants (phenolic compounds) by strengthening their defense mechanism against various pathogens
• Vitamin Sea Humus production is based on the principle of cyclical economy and is an alternative approach to the recycling of organic materials and by-products of the agri-food sector with environmental benefits

Greenhouse vegetables: 150 ml / root at the beginning of planting or linear 300-500 liters /
Open field vegetables: 200 ml / root or linearly 600 liters / acre.

Tree crops, Citrus fruits, Trees: 2–3 liters / root
Nuts: 3-4 liters / root

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Vitamin Sea Humus

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