Grow Cotton

Grow Cotton is a biostimulator whose raw materials are of animal origin and cotton oilseed pie rich in protein and natural nutrients. It contains trace elements in chelated form (calcium, iron), boron, coupled with bioactive substances (proteins, amino acids) and organic matter that makes them available to plants, while enhancing important physiological processes in plants by activating their metabolism.


Package: 5lt, 20lt

• Prevents possible deficiencies
• Prevents possible disturbance of the balance between stem growth and fruiting organs

• Improves chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides effectiveness

During flower buds (scallops) first appearance, so that to enhance flowering, first-class nuts formation and early production.
During flower bloom, so that to enhance flowering during the reproductive phase- nut formation intensifying pollen viability and pollen tube growth in order to increase crop yield
During nuts first appearance, so that to sustain nuts of first class that constitute about the 80% of final production, and to promote nuts binding and flowering.

During nuts growth (swelling and filling) so that to generate fibers of longer length and durability (cellulose deposition) resulting in increased nuts weight and therefore increased crop yield.
Under abiotic stress (low temperature, excessive humidity, water stress-lack of water, stress from the use of herbicides) or bio-stress (possible rot on young seedlings) during early stages of stem growth (from the cotyledons 6 to 5 knee) so that to mitigate adverse effects of limiting agents and to quickly recover plants growth rate. For better results, it is recommended to use it coupled with Ikorganic.

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