Advantages of 
Ikorganic Fluid
 for plants & crops
  • It infiltrates quickly to the ground, going straight to the root for rapid absorption.
  • Reinforces plant growth for higher yields.
  • It improves the intake of nutrients either through the leaves or through the soil.
  • Improves the effectiveness of pesticides.
  • It increases cation exchange capacity.
  • It stimulates chlorophyll production.

The liquid ikorganic,is designed to support the successful growth of vegetable   successful growth of cereals, vegetables and fruit.

IKORGANIC: Generic product with raw green pruning and vegetables. Rich in beneficial microorganisms, nutrients and amino acids. Ideal for enhancing plant growth, protecting them against biotic and abiotic kinds of stress, fruit growing and fruiting.

IKO1: Certified product for organic farming. It has been successfully applied in a number of crops, supporting the growth of the plants, their protection against biotic and abiotic kinds of stress, fruit growing and fruiting.

GROW OLEA: Special product for the cultivation of olive, with raw materials green pruning, herbs and vegetables. It contains all the necessary nutrients which trees need throughout the growing season.

GROW TOMATO 1: Special product for the early stages of tomato cultivation. It is applied to soil incorporation and helps young seedlings cope with the stress of transplantation. It is ideally suited to GROW TOMATO 2.

GROW TOMATO 2: Special product in the cultivation of tomato. It is applied after GROW TOMATO 1 and enhances fruit setting and growth and it also has plant protection action.

COMPOST: High-end product, based on plant and animal raw materials. It acts as a soil improviser, enhancing the organic substance of the soil and improving its structure. It combines perfectly with the other IKORGANIC products.

GROW SUGARS: Special product for the growth of fruit sugars. Suitable for many crops. Green pruning, vegetables, and by-products of the sugar industry are used as raw materials.