What is Fertilizer

A fertilizer is any substance either organic or chemical which is rich in one or more nutritious elements and contributes to the growth and productivity of the plant.

Plants get their nutrients through fertile soil, proper irrigation and fertilizing. They have the ability to metabolize their intake in the same way as a human being as their structure is similar to a human. Appropriate intake can result in optimum growth since the more nutrients a plant gets, the healthier it is leading to the use of reduced pesticides and fungicides.

Plants last longer and develop a better rate of growth in terms of size and taste. There is a variety of fertilizers either organic or chemical which could be used in a number of ways.

Chemical fertilizer contains one or more nutrients which lead to quick growth, uniformity of the crops and hardy plants. leading Farmers use them to ensure rich crop yields regarding quantity but in fact, they debilitate the plant resulting in the use of more pesticides, distorted taste, higher cost, and lower sale price.

, in the form of animal waste, plant waste or algae have been used since man started to cultivate. Current techniques involve leading in a variety of methods and by using a number of raw materials (plants, animals, algae and so on )which thrive in nature. Each one of them contains numerous nutritious elements which are conducive to the overall health of the plant.

Composting is currently done within controlled environment so as to be poor in microbes or other pathogenic agents. Combining both chemical and organic fertilizers can have optimum results in terms of quality and quantity.