Ikorganic and Zero Waste Food

No lost Food

A revealing United Nations* survey conducted in 2011 estimated that every year 1/3 of all food produced globally is lost or goes to waste. That number is equivalent to 1.3 billion tons of food each year. If we want to hope for a better future, that number must change. And in our own way, we all have a part to play in reducing food loss. We, at Ikorganic, believe that no food should be lost or wasted. But if that's the case, we're here to rescue lost food…

*Global Food Losses And Food Waste

Our big vision is to implement 100% the Zero Waste Food Strategy.

By turning animal and plant-based by-products into organic fertilizers, we are in practice able to create “surplus value” in by-products that until recently had no yield or benefit. At the same time, however, we work towards a better tomorrow for humans and the environment, as the organic waste that we use as raw material instead of being discarded is being recycled and returns to Earth!

Our Mission is a green planet

We envision the wide spread of the crop with vertical fertilization, where all the fertilizers and pesticides that will be used, will derive from recyclable raw materials. We hope that one day, not far from today, we will contribute significantly to the development and protection of agricultural crops with organic plant protection methods, so that to eliminate the wasteful and imprudent use of the planet's natural resources for the production of new fertilizers.


We have adopted some values ​​that turn our mission into a reality and based on them we are creating, envisaging and moving forward.


We are active in the recycling of organic & animal waste and we are the only company that we obtain certifications for the products that we generate. We are an official member of the “Elevate Greece” an initiative launched by the Greek Government, intended to identify promising startups and support their growth nurturing a robust innovation ecosystem along the way.


We aim at groundwater purity by supporting farmers to enhance soil quality and sustainable crop production.


We believe in our mission and we strive to constitute an important component of a healthy ecosystem. As a result, we have achieved not only high customer satisfaction but also high partner loyalty.


We strive to educate all people involved in Mother Earth aiming at passing on to future generations a healthier planet.

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